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The ProfessorCoach, Laura Elias, does advanced training in English pronunciation using a linguistic approach (not speech therapy).

English pronunciation is closely linked to other aspects of the language, such as grammar and spelling patterns, along with the historical development of the language, cultural factors, and even your ability to think in English.

A linguistic approach supports language development as a whole, and this can help enhance your overall confidence with speaking English.

ProfessorCoach training takes all of the relevant linguistic factors into account!

As needed, coaching sessions can also include work on other aspects of the language that are related to your difficulties in pronunciation.

This may include areas such as:
   ~spelling patterns
   ~thinking in English
   ~level of formality
   ~cross-cultural awareness
   ~strategies for handling


If you...
-- are an independent learner
-- prefer to practice on your own
-- have high motivation and self-discipline
   to practice regularly

Then, you may prefer less frequent sessions (perhaps once or twice a month) with more practice activities to work on at home between sessions.

If you...
-- like to practice with a coach
-- prefer more regular feedback
-- need regular meetings to stay on track

Then, you may prefer more frequent meetings with more focused practice activities.

Services: Pronunciation Coaching
In Minneapolis, MN

Pronunciation (accent-reduction) coaching
customized to fit your needs and your goals.

Basic Services
  • Comprehensive Accent Analysis

    -- An in-depth look at your accent, to fully identify your strengths and weaknesses with spoken English.

  • Quick-Start Analysis

    -- To identify which features of your accent have the biggest impact on your clarity in English.

    -- Focusing on a few crucial features can be the most efficient for improvement.

  • One-on-one or group lessons

    -- Within the city of Minneapolis MN.

  • Online lessons

    -- Can be conducted by skype or google hangouts.

    -- 30-minute or 45-minute sessions.

    -- Meet just once or twice, or long-term.

    -- Weekly, or even two to three times per week.

Analysis Only
  • Full Analysis: $75
    (includes 30-minute video consultation)

  • Mini Analysis: $45
    (includes 20-minute consultation)

Spanish Pronunciation  ...for English Speakers

The services listed above are also available for native speakers of English who want to improve their pronunciation in Spanish.

What is Your Goal?

...Figuring out how to clear up one difficult area of your accent?
...General improvement in several areas?
...Learning to sound just like a native speaker?

Learning to pronounce English just like a native speaker may be your dream, but getting to that level takes an enormous amount of time and practice. Most people do not have that much time available. However, if you learn which factors in YOUR accent are the most problematic, and then make just a few crucial changes in your speaking, it can make a big difference in your ability to communicate more clearly and easily in English.

If you are an advanced learner of English or if you have lived in an English-speaking country for several years, you probably pronounce most things well, but you still may have one or two difficult areas of your accent that hinder communication.

Learning to clean up just a couple areas of pronunciation can make a huge impact on ease of communication and on your level of confidence. My pronunciation coaching always aims to prioritize the one or two areas that are most crucial for you, in order to help you make improvements as quickly as possible.

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